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Virtual Assistant Services for a different kind of business:

We are a virtual assistant service provider company that we consider your needs in the first place.

Our team of virtual assistants is skilled in many different areas. This allows us to get a lot of different kind of clients. Virtual marketing solution promotes brands to access the best advice and play a leading role in their position.

Virtual Marketing Services

Our marketing strategy leaves a tremendous mark on your competitive industry. Our strategies are

A​ ​Virtual​ ​Assistant​ ​can​ ​provide:

  • Social Media - promoting your brand and frequently engage with the audience.

  • Write a Blog - Writing a blog is for improving more visitors and also a detailed information for the visitors.

  • Keyword Research - conduct regular keyword research for content marketing.

  • Create or Run a Google Adwords Campaign - To achieve more traffic create and run an AdWords campaign

  • Create/ Run an Email Campaign - To improve ROI, a larger reach of our service or products.

  • Increase Brand Recognition & Loyalty

  • Higher Conversion Rates

  • Facebook Marketing - By using facebook marketing we can effectively do our marketing to spread our business to the targeted customers or audience with their age, location and interest.

  • Linkedin Marketing - LinkedIn permits us to find, connect and build a business relationship with hundreds of potential clients with ease all under one platform.

  • Twitter Marketing - Twitter offers the fasted way to built an audience of a suitable follower. The main objective is to get interact and engage with the followers.

  • To run a successful business, need to do a lot of administrative tasks. Hire your own virtual administrative expert for providing basic customer support.
  • Handling basic HR duties.
  • Prepare a framework to-do-list reminder for you.
  • On behalf of yourself organize a meeting.
  • Handling payable and receivable accounts.
  • Managing your email inbox by replying to basic questions.

When it comes to the real estate business, our virtual assistant get to focus on the growth and closing the deal smoothly.

  • Posting advertisement for promotion.
  • Make all the listings updated.
  • keep on follow up with potential renter & Buyers
  • Manage your calendar so you never any meeting or deal closing date
  • On behalf of yourself organize a meeting.
  • Responding to your hundreds of basic email inquiries
  • Preparing & Filing paperwork

Most of the business owners looking for online data entry services, virtual data entry assistant can help them with logging the date into the sheet or special software.

  • In-hospital data entry assistant can update the medical records for every patient.
  • In departmental stores or any shopping shop, virtual data entry assistant can maintain a billing information for every customer.
  • Updating new sale leads business information or requirements in CRM
  • Ability to manage small and large scale data entry tasks
  • A virtual data entry assistant can handle any task in which adding new data is necessary.

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